Sublime is an online wine shop and wine importer based in Berlin, Germany.

Our business is founded and continued to grow on our four principles: Quality, Expertise, Ethics and Community.

Our wine offering focuses on European wine. We seek wines that express a unique identity: the identity of the type of grape, the climate, the soil and the winemaker.

We work with small scale independent producers, many of which are good friends of ours.

All of the producers and wineries that we exclusively import into Germany are focused on native wine varietals, low intervention production and work conscientiously within their vineyards to be sensitive to the natural environment.

This means that often we tend to have less of the most famous grapes and wineries, and more of the regional grapes, the emerging wine regions and upcoming winemakers.

We believe in the importance of community, especially in the wine world. We work respectfully to our peers and fellow wine importers and collaborate with them on offering a selection of wine on our online shop also from other importers.

Our wine is curated by the internationally recognised Sommelier and Wine Educator, Emily Harman – Vinalupa.

Arlene Stein does everything else.



Emily Harman has 18 years experience in the hospitality industry and has worked in restaurants across the globe from the legendary River Cafe in London to Worlds 50 Best restaurant Attica in Melbourne Australia. With a deep passion for wines she has worked at wineries to learn more about vinification with artisan winemaker Tom Shobbrook in The Barossa Valley in 2011 and then to Tuscany to work with Sean O’Callaghan at Riecine in Gaiole in Chianti and most recently in Sierra de Gredos in Spain in 2018 with Dani Landi and Fernando Garcia at Commando G.

Emily works as a wine educator and consults for Restaurants, Bars and Hotels across Europe, The UK and USA under her own company VinaLupa since 2015.

Emily co-hosts a wine podcast with her friend Guen Douglas called Juice Wine Podcast.



Arlene Stein has been working in food and beverage for the past 25 years. She loves the restaurant industry and her real passion is sustainable food systems and loves working with local producers – farmers, fishermen and winemakers. She is the founder of Terroir Hospitality, a platform that builds connections between restaurants, chefs and producers to help shape a better food system. Arlene's community work and ability to bring people together in a meaningful way, brings a huge value to our approach and ethics.


*Arlene is on the left, Emily is on the right in the photo.